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Food Journal Another 2015 Goal

Check out this short video. One of my New Year Goals is to keep better track of what I eat and how it makes me feel. I created a digital “Food Journal” to easily document this without it being too inconvenient. Since I always have either my iPhone or iPad in my hand and having plenty of room to jot down each meal and snack it only takes a second to record what I am eating.


Bullet Journalling Digitally

Have you set your GOALS for 2015? Do you have a master task list. Do you get your thoughts out of your head and document you them? I have worked on this system for almost a year. It has taken that long to make sure nothing fell through the cracks and everything fell in the same place and not scattered all about. And the best part is I created the system to be used digitally on the iPad/iPhone. Check it out. I think you will be be impressed. Let me know your thoughts or questions.


Planner Organizer Supplies Paper Clips

In this video you will see how I keep track of email reminders for upcoming events. I keep it digital by saving important emails as………you guessed it……..a PDF file. I am all about PDF files. I also show you visual users a fun way to use the Digital Paper Clips as I paper clip emails and important notes to specific days in my Day Planner available in the iStore.

More Note Taking On iPad PDF Files and Bookmarks

There is a new item in the Store. PNG Bookmarks. In this video I will show you how I keep my PDF files in my favorite note taking app “Goodnotes.” I prefer to read my illustration books in “Goodnotes”. This method allows me to highlight and make notes that I am able to refer back to later, turning my book into a  custom reference available on all platforms.


How to use the iPad Like a Traditional Filofax, Day Runner, Franklin Covey, Day Planner Organizer

You can use the iPad just you do a personal organizer. You can decorate your pages with stickers, sticky notes and washi tape. You can also create custom ink colors and highlighters and much more since it is all digitally you don’t have to carry around all the cases and crates to decorate your pages and calendars. I created Digital Day Planner pages to use on the ipad with any note taking application that allows you to annotate on PDF files. Download the free sample from the iStore and see if you like how it looks on your iPad in the note taking app of your your choice. In this video I show you step by step how to download, unzip, and import the pages into my favorite note taking app called “Goodnotes.” I also show you how to use the stickers and sticky notes. Happy note taking!!

What is in My Bag

I purchased a “baggallini” bag November of last year and I have not used another bag since. I even use this bag when I’m traveling to teach.  If you carry a lot of techy gear around like I do, you really need something that has a place for everything.

This bag comes in many colors and various styles. It only measures about 10 x 10. It literally repels dirt.

Unless I purchase  another color it may truly be the last bag I will ever own. I have very small hand clutches for my phone and cc for those rare occations I need to be more formal. I purchased mine from “Marshalls” for about $30 and I have not seen them anywhere cheaper than 80 or 90 dollars.

I absolutely love love this bag!!!



New Digital Templates!!

I know a lot of you are already using so many of the digital papers, the day planner pages and accessories. I have been asked for some custom templates and I have three new ones available for download in the iStore. Mileage Log (requested from Anna Davis) Check Register (for me) and the Bills Tracker (requested from Susan Troy). I know I still have a lot of requests to get to. I am working to have everything ready by the first week of December. You can view the new templates by clicking on the images below.

Bill-Payment-Tracker-Cover-Sheet Vehicle-Mileage-Log-Cover-Sheet Cover-Sheet-Check-Register

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