Planning for 2016

2016 Planning
  1. arrange into a structured whole; order.
    “organize lessons in a planned way”
    synonyms: (put in) order, arrange, sort (out), assemble, marshal, put straight,group, classify, collocate, categorize, catalog, codify, systematize,systemize; More
  2. make arrangements or preparations for (an event or activity); coordinate.
    “the union organized a 24-hour general strike”

How has 2015 stacked up for you so far? Are you almost done with all your projects and goals you set for yourself at the end of last year? Did you write it down so you can cross it off your list as they were completed? Do you have 2016 goals planned yet? A lot to think about in answering these questions.

Do you have your 2016 planner picked out yet. I have already set my 2016 planner up and I have set my goals for 2016. I will be stepping into the New Year smooth and stress free. I already know what new products I will be developing and what videos I will be recording for my Digitally Speaking family. In this short post I want to remind you of the tools available to help you set your goals for 2016.

Because I am a productivity coach, I offer courses on Digitally Speaking to help my students become more organized, productive and balance EVERYTHING in their lives. Not just their jobs.  I see many students sign up and pay substantial fees for courses that they are unable to finish.  I believe this is due to a lack of planning. Failure to plan results in no time for the things we want and need to get done. At least once a day I hear someone say “I have no time.” If you plan it you will do it. So many of my students look at furthering their education and developing organizational skills as something that you do in your spare time. Years go by and they still have no spare time and the dream of becoming more organized and productive is still out of reach. YEARS!! Reality is, not many of us have “spare” time. I know I sure don’t. I have three functioning businesses that I run all myself with no employees. I do it all, from graphics to grammar and measuring to sewing. I am asked regularly how I do it and my answer is very simple………I PLAN. Using the right tools you can easily plan what you can realistically accomplish, with the amount of time you need.

I use tools for cooking, sewing, decorating, and gardening. Planning is no different. I have a tool for planning as well. Although any planner will do and we all have our favorite. My favorite planning tool is the iPlanner. I also have a traditional paper planner that mirrors my digital planner. One major misconception about a planner is that it is a calendar. Some people even think if they are using Google Cal or iCal they are planning and that is not considered planning. I use my my Google Cal to enter all my appointments and that is all. There is no planning that goes into entering appointments into my Google Cal. My Google Cal is simply a place holder for places I need to be and people I need to see. So what about everything else? Read on.

What do you do with the closet that needs to be cleaned out, the dining room that needs to be painted or the course you want to take (I believe we should be continually learning)? What about the anniversary or birthday party you want to host? Your Google Cal can house the day and time of the party but how do you do everything that needs to be done before the party? You need to plan. I think of my planner as a worksheet to map out and design my year, months, weeks and days.

If you keep your plans in your head, most of them won’t get done or at best they will only get partially done. Your head was not meant to store all things you need or want to get done. How wonderful would it be to clear your mind of all the things you need to do and make room for all the beauty and creativity your brain was meant to enjoy.

There are no special skills needed to plan. However, I have developed a system so I can plan quickly and effortlessly. I do one hour weekly planning ever Sunday night and 10 minute daily planning every night before I go to bed. This allows me to have a birds eye view of where my load is heavy and I can also see where I have holes that I can fill with something from my master task list. I am constantly pulling from my master list. My daily 10 minute planning allows me to cross off what I have done and move things that I could not finish as well as add a few extra things I didn’t know I had room for. I even find planning very relaxing and enjoyable and I look forward to each planning session. My planner is with me at all times everywhere I go. That is the wonderful thing about digital, but my traditional planner is very portable also.

If you haven’t decided what planner you will use for 2016 check out the iStore. There is a planner to fit every style of planning. Whether you are digital or traditional or like to use a daily layout or weekly horizontal or vertical layout. There is even a traditional printable planner. And COMING SOON “Key Life Planner Mirror Companion!” With the KLPM you can mirror you printable planner with your digital planner on your iPad. They look exactly the same only one is digital and one is printable. Stay tuned coming up mid November.

So what do you say? Can you take the phrase “I have no time” out of your vocabulary in 2016 and learn to make time and have plenty of time for all the things you PLAN? We all have the same 365 days and 24 hours each day next year. Planning will show you time you didn’t even know you had. Use it wisely. Plan, plan, plan.


Congratulations! The Winner of the iPlanner Companion Printable Planner is “Deanne Allred”


Thanks to everyone who participated in KLPP Giveaway!Deanne Allred was so excited to get her winning email. This was her response:

“I am soooo excited that I won the iPlanner Companion Printable Planner Giveaway!!! Doing my Happy dance. LOL Thank you so much!!!  I LOVE planning, organizing, and being creative while doing so.  I am truly blessed that I won.  I can’t wait to start using it!!! In addition to using a planner to keep up with my busy life, working, being a mother and wife, I like to use one for my ministry (Speak Through Me Ministries). Thank you sooooo much.”

Are you sad about not winning? Don’t worry- I am already working on another awesome giveaway…….Stay tuned and tell your friends!

Do you want to DIY your own KLPP? Check it out in the iStore. I am addicted t making them even though I only use one.



“NEW” You Asked For It! Printable DIY Planner Kit.

In this video, I give you a tour through the new “iPlanner Companion Printable Planner,” along with all the tools, products, and tips on how I created my DIY planner. The video is about an hour long. You may want to watch it in segments. At the end of the video, you will see in living color one of the planners I made that will go to one lucky winner in this giveaway for the new “iPlanner Companion Printable Planner” launch. Enjoy and good luck everyone!!


Planning is the key to life. I am an avid planner and I get more done with zero stress because I plan way ahead. When you plan you can see all the possible curve balls you may come to and you are also more prepared for projects and events as you go through your year. I have already started planning my goals and projects for 2016. There is such a peace and calm inside me knowing what is ahead and what I will realistically accomplish. So many of my new students and potential students testify to having things they want to accomplish for years but never planned to accomplish them. Now that they are planning, they no longer have a list of “want to dos” but instead they have a list of “to dos.”

Even though I am completely paperless and have been for many years, my getting things done system works for both paper and paperless. The tools used are different but the system is the same. It’s all about being organized and keeping on top of things simple and as automated as possible. One of the key things I use in my system is a planner. In my planner, I have specific days and times that I have scheduled to PLAN. Yup, I do plan to plan. It only takes me about ten minutes per day and one longer planning session about an hour per week to keep things moving and they all get done.

I witness so many people identify themselves with their job and careers and outside of their work responsibilities they are winging everything else. At the beginning of every new year comes a new fresh excitement to accomplish things that you enjoy or want to do. At the start, it always appears we have so much time to do all the things we have been thinking about. Year after year things that were so exciting in the beginning of the year got pushed to the back burner only to let another year go by without getting it accomplished. Just because we have the thoughts and desire to accomplish these things does not mean they will get done. Most people think they simply need more time. Planning does exactly that. Planning is like picking as many hours, days, weeks and months you need to get things done right out of a big bowl of time.

As I teach my system and share videos with you on how I use the “iPlanner” on my iPad, I have been asked by so many to please make a planner that can be printed on a home printer or office supply printing service. After several reams of paper and hours of research and testing, I have developed a printable planner kit that includes everything you will need to make your own DIY custom planner. It is called the “iPlanner Companion Printable Planner.” I was originally calling the digital planner “Key Life,” but since all things digital that I have designed including all the coaching courses begin with “i,” the digital planner is called “iPlanner” and the printable planner is called “iPlanner Companion Printable Planner.” Planning is the key to life!



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and lastly







iPlanner DIY Planner Stickers!!

I am a planner sticker addict!! The great thing about using the iPlanner Digital Planner is 1. Using everything over and over without having to make another purchase and 2. Literally anything can used digitally with your iPlanner. You can make people stickers in any shape too!

I use Keynote for a variety of things…..Most of which it was not created for, but I think way outside the box for most things. Keynote has a very cool feature “Instant Alpha” and it erases anything from your images with just a screen touch. I love collecting stickers this way.

In this video I show you how to use the instant alpha in Keynote to make stickers to use in your iPlanner. I had so much fun doing it, that I collected 100’s. I also show you how to get the stickers to your iPlanner pages and resize them.

I keep my DIY stickers on a page in my iPlanner so I can easily browse and use them.

I would love to see your all your stickers! Please share on your favorite social media spots. Hashtags: #iPlanner, #DigitallySpeaking, #SandyCruz.

“NEW” iPlanner Layouts 2015/2016 Available NOW!!

In addition to the classic “DAY” layout, two new layouts have been added. “HORIZONTAL” and “VERTICAL” You can start using the new iPlanner today. Both horizontal and vertical iPlanners include bonus months starting with July 2015 all the way through December 2016. No waiting for shipping, you can download and start using the new 2015/2016 iPlanner today in the layout of your choice (2016 iPlanner “DAY” layout coming soon. If you purchase iPlanner “DAY” as of July 2015 you will receive 2016 FREE as soon as it is available).

The iPlanners are totally interactive using my favorite note taking app “Goodnotes.” NOTE: you can use the iPlanner in other note taking apps that support annotation abilities, but the interactive navigation will not work. “Goodnotes” is the only app that I have tested with available support fors interactive ability. Import “iPlanner” into “Goodnote” and simply touch and hold on calendars and tabs to navigate between weeks and months.

I LOVE each layout so much it has been very hard to decide which one I will use. So far I am leaning toward the VERTICAL layout.

Included in the new iPlanner download are over 300 stickers to use on your layouts, ranging from tasks to social media.

I will be posting plan with me pages in the Digitally Speaking Community during the launch. I can’t wait to see all your planners using your favorite layout. Stay tuned for updated YouTube video demonstrating the new iPlanner layouts and stickers.

As many of you may know I design, develop, test and market all my products myself. I am so grateful for all your support and feedback  I receive from everyone. Thank you everyone for all your continued support 💜💙💚💛💟💟💟💟💟.


iPlanner-Week-at-a-Glance iPlanner-Week-at-a-Glance


07/15/15 Weekly Webinar “LastPass”

07/15/15 Weekly Webinar Last Pass

There are some things that only you should have access too. Your passwords for one, but where do you store sensitive documents, such as birth certificates, marriage license, social security cards etc? LastPass allows you to safely store images of all your documents securely and at your finger tips on all platforms. I also keep serial numbers for all the software I purchase, along with the date purchased, how much it cost and a link to tech support.

Do you get tired of filling your name, address, phone number and credit card information every time you make a purchase online? With LastPass, check out is only a few clicks to fill forms.

In this weeks webinar I will show you how to set up LastPass and all my favorite features I have used for many years.

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • Set up a new LastPass Account
  • Generate unique and secure passwords
  • Automatically fill forms
  • Set up secure notes
  • How to add important documents to secure notes
  • Access username and passwords with one click
  • Access your LastPass from iPhone/iPad
  • Organize passwords in folders
  • Share passwords with family and coworkers

Save your seat for this weeks webinar. As usual if you are currently enrolled in iSeries Six or Alumni Coaching you will receive a special email to register for this webinar FREE!


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