Never use another sheet of paper for writing AGAIN!

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The series is packed full of ways to use your iPad for ALL your notes and never use another sheet of paper again. In the course I DEMO all the tools and features for the app called “Goodnotes.” This app is the best app I have ever used for note taking on the iPad. And you know I have them ALL. In this module you will learn:

  • Customize Settings
  • Create New Notebooks
  • Customize Ink
  • Create Create Categories and Master Categories To Keep Your Notebooks Organized.
  • Uncategorized Notes
  • Set Up a Template Library
  • Index Pages Within a Notebook
  • Link Cloud Storage
  • The Toolbar
  • Zoom Writting
  • Read Only
  • Text Box
  • Lasso Tool
  • Adding Images to a Page
  • Shape Recognition
  • Import Files for Annotation
  • Importing Pages
  • Importing Images
  • Moving, Duplication & Exporting Notebooks
  • Download, Unzip & Import to iPad
  • Sticky Notes
  • DoDrops, BeBanners, Stickers, Paper Clips & More
  • Accessories
  • Calendars & Day Planner
  • And More!




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