About Me

SandySeaFoamBlueI am a Professional Drapery Workroom, Organizer, Computer Geek, Graphic Designer and Instructor/Coach. I love taking on new projects and I am always challenging myself to learn new things.

In 1999, I established Everything Custom Drapery & Design which is a full-service interior design studio catering to homeowners and designers. Everything Custom specializes in providing quality custom window treatments, soft furnishings bedding, blinds/shades and pillows with outstanding details for the home and business.

During this time I developed a system using technology in my business, my personal life and everything in between. Soon I began to see a need to support those in my industry and started teaching my system to large and small groups as well as private consultations.

From 2012 through 2014 I presented my personal productivity system “The Paperless Office,” through WFCP’s online webinars. Now, “The Paperless Office” is a complete iSeries Six e-course on “Digitally Speaking’s” website, where students come and learn at their own pace on their own schedule. My students each have their own virtual classroom with access to all the course content and resources in a comfortable and personal atmosphere where their progress is monitored and where help and support is available at their fingertips (literally) when needed.

Today I am coaching and developing products for those using technology with an emphasis on productivity and organization. 

You can find me online at Digitally Speaking, trade shows, and live presentations for organizations across the United States.

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