About Paperless Coaching

Hello and welcome to Digitally Speaking!!!

Digitally Speaking actually started out as a blog for digital scrap booking. My Blog is where I shared tips and tricks using Photoshop as well as freebies for digital scrap booking layouts. I don’t scrapbook myself, but I love creating the digital elements that are used for digital scrap booking. Today, Digitally Speaking is a full Graphic Design Service as well as the home for my Paperless Office System in a Video Series. I developed the Paperless Office for the Design Industry such as Interior Designers and Drapery Workrooms but it can easily be applied to any industry. Any Business owner who is searching for a more organized, paperless way of doing things will benefit. I began working on my system since the birth of the netbook. I  have spent more than 4 years researching and learning by trial and error. I have literally spent thousands of hours and purchased over 300 apps for my computer and devices so I can present the best options to my paperless students.
In my coaching course, I take you through all the skills, the tips, the tricks and ALL the tools you will need, that I use in my own business of the Design Industry. You will not only learn how to turn your business into a completely productive and paperless system, you will also set up and organize your computer so all your digital devices flow and work together. Plus, you will learn how to keep them organized to easily navigate and locate your data quickly and easily. You will learn how to keep your computer desktop clean and how to create an interactive desktop with backgrounds and gadgets.  Similar to a whiteboard or cork board, only digital. You will also learn how to use a stylus and notetaking apps on your iPad using templates that I’ve created for keeping completely digital. Included in my templates and forms for the paperless system is a digital day planner, I designed and developed, that will enjoy using on your iPad.

Here are a few (but not all) of the applications covered in the class:

On Your Computer: Gmail, Google Talk, Google Voice, Mozilla Firefox, Xmark, LastPass, Multirow Bookmarks, Stickies, Evernote, Sugarsync, Teamviewer, & DropBox.

On Your iPad/iPhone: Informant HD, Notability, Evernote, LastPass, Xmarks, Toodledo, Pro HDR, iBooks, Teamviewer IMO, GV Connect, SugarSync, & Dropbox.

The series is broken down into weekly segments consisting of 10 to 20 short lesson recordings, taking you step by step, showing you how to setup your computer and iPad to organize your files, as well as demonstrating how to use each application for the paperless system.  The weekly segments are broken down in the following segments:

Week 1 Evernote

Week 2 SugarSync

Week 3 Google

Week 4 iPad

Week 5 Digital Note Taking & Templates

Week 6 Tasks Getting Things Done

If you watch each weekly video and complete each homework assignment, at the end of 6 weeks you will be completely paperless!!  Although the system is broken down and laid out into a 6 week easy to follow format, you are still able to take as much time as you need to complete the series. What’s better than going at your own pace? But it is that easy to do in 6 weeks.